Fat Dissolve Injections

Fat Dissolving Injections are administered to dissolve stubborn fat in problem areas of the body. However, they are designed to target localised fat deposits and aren’t a substitute for losing weight. Instead, this treatment is intended to complement a healthy lifestyle, so for long-term results, you will need to maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise alongside this fat-reduction treatment.

Aqualyx was launched in the UK and Ireland in 2013 and is one of the leading brands of fat removal injections. We provide this fat reduction treatment because we are confident in its long safety record and we’ve seen our clients experience fantastic results. Unlike surgical fat removal, Aqualyx fat reduction injections require minimal downtime, so you can return to work the same day as receiving treatment.

For the most effective results, Aqualyx can be used to treat the following areas:


• Jowls

• Double chin

• Buffalo hump (behind the neck).

Upper Body

• Upper arms

• Armpits

• Chest fat

• Back fat.

Lower Body

• Tummy bulges

• Hips (love handles)

• Buttocks

• Inner and outer thighs

• Knees

Treatment Retail Price Duration
Fat Dissolve Injections Consultation – Free 0.00 20m
Face – Priced Per Vial (€150)  From 150.00 20m
Upper Body – Priced Per Vial (€150)  From 150.00 30m
Lower Body – Priced Per Vial (€150)  From 150.00 30m
fat dissolve injections

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