Semi Permanent Make up

Semi Permanent Brows (Micropigmentation) is a process of implanting tiny particles of pigment into the skin to mimic a natural hair appearance. This treatment is ideal if you have little or no eyebrows and would like to add definition and a new shape. Semi permanent brows can last several years, however a colour boost is recommended at least every 12 months in order to maintain the freshness.

Semi Permanent Eyeliner have a wide awake look by defining your lashes with a beautiful liner. The eyeliner will also last up to 18 months and yearly colour boosts are recommended.

Semi Permanent Lips Lips can be brought back to life with a splash of colour, if you are losing the definition in your lips due to loss of pigment, this can be restored by applying a natural colour to the lips. You can also have a more vibrant colour and apply a gloss each day and have beautifully coloured lips 24/7

Treatment Retail Price Duration
Semi Permanent Brow consultation – Free 0.00 20m
Brow Correction – From 200.00 1h 30m
Hair Stroke Brows – New Client 250.00 1h
Combination Brow 295.00 1h
Shadow (Powder) Brow 295.00 1h 30m
Brow 4-8 Week Top up 85.00 30m
Powder Brow 4-8 week topup 95.00 45m
Hairstroke Brow Annual Topup 150.00 30m
Powder Brow Annual Topup 175.00 45m
Semi Permanent Make-up Consultation – Free 0.00 20m
Winged Eyeliner 295.00 2h
Winged Liner 4-8 week topup 95.00 1h
Winged Liner Annual topup 175.00 1h
Eyeliner Top 250.00 1h
Eyeliner Bottom 200.00 1h
Top & Bottom Eyeliner 300.00 1h 30m
Eyeliner 4-8 week Topup 85.00 30m
Eyeliner Annual Topup 150.00 30m
Top & Bottom Eyeliner Annual Topup 200.00 1h
Lip Liner 250.00 1h
Full Lip Colour 400.00 1h 30m
Lip Blush 350.00 1h 30m
Lip 4-8 Week Topup 125.00 1h
Lip Annual Top up 200.00 1h

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