Hair Bare – Hair Removal

Our hair removal treatment will treat all hair & skin types but it is the downy vellus hair which responds best to treatment giving long term hair reduction and a slowdown of the hair growth.

It is an alkaline product containing calcium thioglycolate as an active ingredient. The product raises the PH of the skin and by doing so it breaks down the protein in the hair causing the hair to dissolve and then be removed away.

Treatment can be taken as a course of 6 or 12 sessions with the option of further top ups if necessary. Treatments should be 14 days apart for the first 3 treatments, then every 3 weeks until the end of the course.

As a bonus the treatment exfoliates the skin as well as removing the hair, which makes the skin smoother, softer and clearer. It can also help lighten pigmentation and calm acne.

A patch test must be completed 48hrs to 1 week prior to treatment depending on what your skin colour is on the Fitzpatrick scale i.e Type 1-6 (1=very pale & 6=very dark)

Treatment Retail Price Duration
Hair Bare consultation & patch test – Free 0.00 20m
Full Face & Neck – 1 Session 95.00 1h
Full Face & Neck – Course of 6 475.00 1h
Full Face – 1 Session 70.00 45m
Full Face – Course of 6 350.00 45m
Lower Face – 1 Session 55.00 30m
Lower Face – Course of 6 275.00 30m
Lower Arm – 1 Session 75.00 30m
Lower Arm – Course of 6 375.00 30m
Back – 1 Session 95.00 1h
Back – Course of 6 475.00 1h
Lower Back – 1 Session 75.00 30m
Lower Back – Course of 6 375.00 30m

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